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Community Resource Solutions, LLC – Georgia is committed to providing quality services that will effectuate positive change in lives of our consumers and in the communities that we serve. Our service continuum ranges from basic services (Therapy, Medication Management, Assessments & Referral) to more comprehensive services which might include community based services, group therapies and other strength based mental health services.

Each service has the ability to fluctuate fluidly along the illness/wellness continuum expressed in graduations of intensity. The continuum has been designed to address the severity, complexity, and diversity of the disability group while ensuring that consumers progressively transition utilizing the most cost effective service delivery methods that are evidence based. Community Resource Solutions, LLC is accredited by CARF in: Assessment & Referral Case Management Coordination – Adults & Children & Adolescents Outpatient Services – Adults & Children/Adolescents

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Our Mission

Community Resource Solutions, LLC - Georgia, the leading provider in Community-Based Mental Health Treatment and services delivery, is quickly growing into the premier mental health care choice in Metropolitan Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Our qualified team of mental health professionals bring over 30 years of combined experience into the lives of consumers every day. We use evidence based approaches and best practices to provide a positive experience in service delivery to men, women and children from all walks of life. The trained professionals at CRS-GA understands that unconditional positive regard and compassionate service will move consumers closer toward self-actualization one step at a time.

Our Vision
It is our goal to become a premier Mental Health Services Provider by continually challenging ourselves toward service excellence and elevating the standards of performance with which we conduct business. We envision becoming the provider of choice for individuals seeking greater functionality and independence as we educate, assist and support those who entrust us with their care. We are also dedicated to collaborating with all stakeholders for the purpose of creating a high quality, caring, culturally competent system that promotes recovery and wellness.

In pursuit of this vision, Community Resource Solutions- Georgia endorses the following Guiding Principles:

  • • Develop a comprehensive continuum of care that is responsive to the changing needs of consumers

  • • Provide services with empathy, compassion, and attentiveness to the person-centered process

  • • Recruit, train, and maintain highly qualified staff who demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism and are proactive in anticipating the needs of the organization as we grow

Our Company's Values

The core operating values of Community Resource Solutions, LLC influence the culture and image of the company. Core operating values for the company include:

• Compassion-Community Resource Solutions, LLC shows compassion and support for its consumers as well as its employees. As such, we promise to provide our consumers with highly qualified staff to help assist them and enhance the quality of their lives. In addition, we promise to provide employees with a safe and comfortable work environment in which to perform their duties.

• Responsiveness-Community Resource Solutions, LLC finds' alternate solutions to meet the needs and preferences of people with mental health and substance abuse issues through direct service or referrals to other providers.

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Crisis Hotline: (678) 386-8876

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